24-7 ems preparatory: 33 Courses

24-7 EMS Online: Safety: Responder Respiratory Protection and SCBA (V2)

Product Code: EMS1025

In 911 emergencies involving known biological hazards dispatched as “simple” medical responses or everyday calls, respiratory protection is often dismissed unless there is an obvious situation that involves smoke or a potentially hazardous atmosphere.

EMS professionals must recognize the potential danger and possible respiratory compromise in any environment. This course reviews hazardous conditions involving airborne exposure and the importance of preparing and training for entrance into environments that cannot sustain life without the use of self-contained breathing apparatus.

Featuring Bill Richard, NREMT-P Lead Instructor Crozer Chester Medical Center EMS Chairperson Toxic Fire of 78 Memorial Committee

24-7 EMS Online: Entrapped Patients (V2)

Product Code: EMS1074

Entrapped patients present unique challenges. This class focuses on the basics: scene safety, establishing medical command, patient care, adapting your assessments, and calling for resources before you need them.

Featuring Ed Dickinson, MD, NREMT-P, Director of EMS Field Operations, University of Pennsylvania Hospital

24-7 EMS Online: Managing Multiple Patients: EMS Operations (V2)

Product Code: EMS1090

This program focuses on planning and practicing for large-scale events in your community and stresses the importance of knowing what constitutes an MCI in your jurisdiction.

By using the incident command system on every incident to which you respond, you increase your success during large, complex, and emotional events.

Featuring: Lt. Colin Whitmore, EMS incident commander during the Virginia Tech school shooting. Jon Politis, NREMT-P, MPA, EMS Chief in Town of Colonie, New York

24-7 EMS Online: Patient Refusal (V2)

Product Code: EMS1091

How can responders convince patients to accept treatment and transport? What is the best way to document refusal of treatment? A review of the important ways responders can document and protect themselves from future liability in patient refusal situations.

Featuring: Richard Patrick, MS, EMT-P, Department of Homeland Security. Dan Limmer, EMT-P, author, Brady - Emergency Care

24-7 EMS Online: Extended Patient Care Transports (V2)

Product Code: EMS1105

Extended patient care refers to managing the overall safety and well-being of a patient when there is a longer-than-expected transport time involved in transferring a patient from the scene of a medical emergency or traumatic injury to a definitive care facility.

During an extended transport, patient care and comfort is a dynamic process, and requires ongoing observation and adjustment to ensure the patient’s continued well-being and safety. This course defines the techniques to follow in applying care and treatment protocols in order to ensure the patient’s maximum comfort and safety and improve patient outcomes.

Featuring Kevin T Collopy, BA, FP-C, CCEMT-P, WEMT, Performance Improvement Coordinator, AirLink, VitaLink, Pilots, New Hanover Regional Medical Center, Wilmington NC.

24-7 EMS Online: Air Medical Transports (V2)

Product Code: EMS1023

This course helps ground providers consider all objective information when deciding to utilize an air medical transport service, including ensuring the safety of the ground crew, the flight crew, and the patient during landing, transferring, and transporting.

Featuring Barbara Maher, RN, EMT-P, FPC, MS (Paramedic, Flight Paramedic, and Nurse) University of Maryland Medical Center, University of Maryland ExpressCare Critical Care Transport Team, and Military Reserve Officer.

24-7 EMS Online: DMAT and Mass Gathering Medicine (V2)

Product Code: EMS1042

The role of Disaster Medical Assistance Teams (DMAT) and Urban Search and Rescue (US&R) teams in responding to disasters.

The history of the National Disaster Medicine System (NDMS) is reviewed. Medical services at mass gatherings are examined.

Featuring Dustin Shelhamer, EMT-P, Texas 1 DMAT.

24-7 EMS Online: Agricultural Hazmat: EMS Response (V2)

Product Code: EMS1032

Agricultural chemicals are used every day in the production of food and to raise livestock. Such chemicals appear in an expanding variety of settings and may be difficult to recognize or identify.

This course helps EMS responders understand the increasing risk of encountering unidentified agricultural hazardous materials in any response setting.

The course also reviews types of agricultural chemicals, reactions to exposures, decontamination procedures, treatment methods, and personal protection.

Featuring Rob Schnepp - Assistant Chief, Special Operations Alameda County Fire Department Alameda, California.

Back Injury Prevention for EMS

Product Code: EMS1117

For EMS responders, back injuries are the most common injury to experience in the line of duty. These injuries, in addition to being painful, can lead to extended time away from work, and even end an EMS career.

To reduce your risk for back injury, review the basic structures in the back that commonly sustain injury, the mechanics of safe lifting, and the steps to follow to coordinate a lift safely.

Featuring Sean Kivlehan, MD, MPH, NREMT-P

24-7 EMS Online: Bloodborne Pathogens (V2)

Product Code: EMS1048

Bloodborne diseases, modes of transmission, areas or risk, and safe work practices. Areas of risk in EMS and importance of "task-based" use of personal protective equipment when risks are identified.

Satisfies bloodborne pathogens standards refresher requirements from OSHA.

Featuring Katherine West, BSN, MSEd. CIC, Infection Control Consultant Infection Control/Emerging Concepts, Inc.