24-7 EMS Online: Airway Care (V2)

Product Code: EMS1004

If a patient isn’t breathing, they are dying. Airway care is critical, yet it is the most failed skills test in the National Registry of EMT testing.

Course offers in-depth review of airway care skills, featuring demonstration of a variety of artificial ventilation techniques.

Featuring Joe Mistovich, M. Ed., NREMT-P, Professor, Youngstown State University, Ohio.

24-7 EMS Online: Advanced Airway Management (V2)

Product Code: EMS1018

This program discusses the advantages of using advanced airways and the downside of these devices when used inappropriately or placed incorrectly.

Signs and symptoms of inadequate breathing are reviewed, as is the anatomy and physiology of the airway, proper BVM technique, and the various types of airway adjuncts.

Featuring Ed Racht, MD, Medical Director, Austin/Travis County EMS, Texas

24-7 EMS Online: Airway Management Essentials (V2)

Product Code: EMS1024

This course reviews thorough assessment of airway viability, adverse conditions that may occur during emergency treatment for essential airway intervention, as well as proper techniques for the various adjuncts available to maintain an open airway.

Also discussed is the need to avoid invasive tools when a lesser tool will do the job equally well without the risk of complication.

Featuring Shaun Fix, PMD, NREMT-P EMS Captain, Boca Raton Fire Rescue, President, Emergency Medical Consultant

24-7 EMS Online: Pediatric Airway Management (V2)

Product Code: EMS1050

Low volumes of pediatric patients and lack of experience make sick children some of the most anxiety-provoking patients for EMS responders.

This course provides an overview of pediatric respiratory anatomy and physiology, emphasizes the importance of Basic Life Support (BLS) airway support and management, demonstrates how to differentiate among the most common airway problems, and uses clinical experience to explain how common pediatric respiratory issues can be better assessed in the field.

In addition, the course provides tools for EMS responders to properly assess even the most uncooperative and agitated young child.

24-7 EMS Online: Carbon Monoxide Poisoning (V2)

Product Code: EMS1053

CO poisoning is an occupational hazard for EMS and firefighters, resulting in 5,000 fatalities every year.

The class reviews scene safety, when to suspect CO poisoning, physical signs and symptoms, care and treatment of CO poisoning.

Featuring Jim Augustine, M.D., Medical Director of Atlanta Fire

24-7 EMS Online: Code Management (V2)

Product Code: EMS1085

Each year, an estimated 295,000 out-of-hospital cardiac arrests are treated by EMS responders. Succesful outcomes rely upon a well-planned and well-rehearsed approach to caring for cardiac arrest patients.

Resuscitation training and education cannot be thought of as a single skill, but rather the synergy of many pactitioners working together to achieve an optimal outcome. Effective code management depends on the expedient administration of care by a highly skilled team of rescuers. Rescuers working within a team must have a clear understanding of roles, responsibilities, and corresponding expectations.

This course reaffirms the skills and tools used in resuscitation efforts, and focuses on the team-based approach to improve resuscitation performance and yield better patient outcomes.

Featuring Jon Politis, MPA, NREMT-P

24-7 EMS Online: ECC Update: Pediatrics and PALS (V2)

Product Code: EMS1030

Every five years a new set of guidelines are developed and implemented for adult and pediatric resuscitation.

In 2010 the newest guidelines were released. This program is designed to inform the participant of the updated guidelines on resuscitation as a professional responder on pediatric changes.

Featuring Gregory R. Ciottone, Emergency Physician, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston, Assitant Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School.

24-7 EMS Online: ECC Update: Adult and AED (V2)

Product Code: EMS1033

New guidelines are developed and implemented for adult and pediatric resuscitation every five years.

The most current guidelines were issued in 2010. This program is designed to educate professional responders on the updated guidelines for resuscitation.

Featuring Gregory R. Ciottone, Emergency Physician, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston, Assitant Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School.

24-7 EMS Online: Geriatric Respiratory Emergencies (V2)

Product Code: EMS1078

This program reviews the importance of recognizing a variety of chronic and acute conditions that can lead to respiratory emergencies and how to deliver prompt, appropriate care.

Discusses signs, symptoms, and assessment techniques as well as improvements in care, including the use of CPAP.

Featuring Twink Dalton, RN, MS, CNS, NREMTP Mountain View fire Protection District Longmont, Colorado

24-7 EMS Online: Geriatric Assessment (V2)

Product Code: EMS1002

This program will help EMS providers understand the physiological and psychological differences among the geriatric population and provide an EMS responder with a good foundation for developing effective communication and assessment tools in order to provide quality patient care.

Featuring Christopher Shane Henderson, B.S., FF/EMT-P Adjunct EMS Instructor St. Petersburg Fire & Rescue St. Petersburg College.